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CássioMetallurgical engineer Cássio Barbosa has experience in Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Metallurgy, ferrous (common steels and stainless steels) and nonferrous metals (aluminum, copper, nickel and titanium), fabrication processes (casting, welding, rolling, extrusiona and wire drawing), microstructural analysis (metallography, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, automatic image analysis),mechanical tests (hardness, tension and bending) and thermal and thermomechanical treatment of ferrous and nonferrous alloys.
In October 10 th 2001 Cássio presented his doctorship thesis at COPPE/UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) with title:"Characterization of extruded and flash welded aluminum alloys.

Since August 26 th 2002 Cássio works with microstructural, failure and automatic image analysis and hardness tests at the Metallography and Hardness Laboratory (LAMED), now Laboratory of Characterization of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties (LACPM), at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT).

Cássio is also a collaborator of the website Infomet, with information about Metallurgy in general and about the Brazilian and world metallurgical industry.

Cássio was also a professor of night course on Mechanical Engineering at University Santa Ursula - USU from August 14 th 2006 to December 16 th 2008.

Professional Experience

At the University
  • Published works
  • Didactic experience
  • Prize
In the Industry and at INT
  • Development of processes
  • Experience on TQC and ISO 9000
  • Experience in staff training
  • Experience in avoiding accident at work
  • Writing technical reports about services of failure analysis and microstructural analysis of metallic materials
  • Participation on projects of development and transfer of new technologies to the industry


Regular courses
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  • Graduating course
  • Mastership
  • Doctorship
Additional courses
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  • Industrial courses

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