Cássio : Experience in Industry

Quality Guaranty Participation in TQC and ISO 9000 programs, writing registers and documents related to these systems in the fabrication processes, doing inner auditings of the quality system and attending lectures and courses about these subjects
Process Development
  • Development,together with new suppliers, of material and equipments for casting, more durable and efficient, resulting in the reduction of costsand improvement in the quality of fabrication
  • Among these developments there is some evidence to the increasing of the average work life of skimmers for molten metal from 2 to 30 days and of metallic tubes for protection of thermocouples from 3 days to 6 months
  • Among the start up of machines, the one of a machine for welding and coiling of narrow metallic strips, that allowed the company to compete again in the market share with a concurrent that had developed a similar machine
  • Another start up: a machine for cutting copper cables, that allowed the reduction of costs in buying raw material to half their previous value, through the use of recycled material
  • Increase of productivity in the casting process of a special high value alloy (silver nickel), after attacking the causes of the difficulties
Staff Training Instructor of courses for machines operation, Process Statistical Control and softwares Windows and Excel
Avoiding work accidents As president of the Inner Comission for Avoiding Accidents, in 1995 introduced the Process Statistical Control in the accidents analysis, succeeding in reducing the accidents frequency in the most dangerous machine(Extrusion Press)
Technological Research
  • Writing technical reports about services of failure analysis and microstructural analysis of metallic materials
  • Participation on projects of development and transfer of new technologies to the industry

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