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Name and personal data: My name is Cassio Barbosa. I was born (October, 6, 1964) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I live. I married Flávia Marília Boechat Bragard in July 30 th 2005 and our daughter Bruna was born at Perinatal, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro in April 30 th 2007. My e-mail is cassiob64@yahoo.com.

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Although I study and work in the industry technlology (Metallurgy and Materials Science), I have very different hobbies and leisure activities. I like to collect coins (foreign coins and old Brazilian coins), I like to read the so called world literature classic books (Balzac, Eça de Queiroz, Dostoievski, Machado de Assis and others), to learn foreign languages (mainly as an important tool to have access to different technical articles and also to read some world literature classic books in the original language), listen to music (classic, Brazilian music and soft /melodic rock), travel and knew new places, go to the cinema and watch video movies, and surf the Web.

Then, in the following sections I show some links related to these activities:


Purchase of CDs and books:

CDNow (purchase of CDs, website in English)
Amazon (purchase of books and CDs, website in English)
German Amazon (purchase of books, website in German)

Newspapers and magazines:

Le Soir (Belgian newspaper in French language)
Le Monde (French newspaper)
Paris Match (French magazine)
Focus (German magazine)
Der Spiegel (German magazine)

Language course:

Goethe Institut (German language)

Other links:

Unilang Forum: Discussion forum about languages culture and countries
Search about cinema and American sitcoms website (Internet Movie Data Base)
General search website (Alta Vista)
General search website (Google)
General search and other services website (Yahoo)


I was born in Rio de Janeiro, where I live, but I have already had the chance of visiting the following places in Brazil:

São Paulo (several times between January 1987 and October 2004), Santos (SP)(January 1998 and October 1999), Campos do Jordão (October and November 2004), Águas de Lindóia (SP) (August 2005), Brasília (some times between September 1996 and August 20000), Belo Horizonte (September 1998 and September 1999), Ouro Preto (MG) and Mariana (MG) (September 1998) and Caxambu (MG) (September 2003), Petrópolis (RJ) (August 1982 and June 2000), Paraty (RJ) (July 2000), Nova Friburgo (RJ) (November 2000), Penedo (RJ) (November 2004), Visconde de Mauá (RJ) (August 2005), Salvador (BA) (September 2003) and Foz do Iguaçu (January 2004).

In other countries, profiting vacations or some free days among research work days and the presentation of works:

Uruguay (Montevideo, Colonia de Sacramento and Punta del Este: July 1998), Argentina (Buenos Aires: July 1998 and August 2005 and Bariloche: August 2005), Poland (Krakow and Zakopane: May 1999), Belgium (Brussels: May 1999 and November 1999 to April 2000, Brugge and Gent: January 2000, Dinant, Leuven and Antwerp: February 2000), Germany (Bonn: March 2000), Holland (Amsterdam: March 2000), France (Paris: March 2000 and December 2004, Yvoire, Chamonix and Gex: December 2004), England (London: April 2000), Luxemburg (April 2000), Switzerland (Geneva, Vevey, Montreux, Col de la Forclaz, Gruyères and Bern: December 2004), Italy (Venice: December 2004) and Canada (Toronto: September 2006).

Tourism links:

Trabel (Belgian tourism website)
Tourism website about Bonn (in German)
Louvre Museum website (Paris, France)
British Museum website (London, England)
Exchange rates (222 countries)
Time zone database for several countries (World Time Server)

Tourism: curiosities

In my trips I saw some curiosities, like the sculpture of a hand going out of the sand in a beach in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and a stone with words written in Latin in an ancient temple of Aesculapius (Greek-Roman god of health) which was in the same place where nowadays there are the ruins of the Godesburg castles in Bonn, Germany (suburb Bad Godesberg). Below the images:


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